The Mistress

Friday, August 02, 2013
The Mistress (The Original Sinners, #4)



OMG OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!Seriously this author is trying to give me a heart attack!!!
Tiffany Reisz just has a way of writing…she draws you into her world of sinners and you don't want to left!!

In this book Nora is being held captive by a psychopath with no mercy Kingsley's sister Marie-Laure...
Marie-Laure is furious with Søren....because he broke her heart thirty-years ago...


While Nora entertains Marie-Laure with tales of her own sexual exploits with Søren,Kingsley and Wesley..


Søren,Kingsley,Wesley,Zach's wife Grace and Søren's niece Laila knows who has Nora,and where she is being held...The problem is getting her back without anyone being killed. ..

The set up of this story was like playing a game of chess..everyone was a pawn to the person that took Nora.. The moves were dangerous and one of our Queens will not make it...


Starting to read it..I immediately was swept into the intense and infinite love Søren has for Nora....his Little One...

"Why do you love me so much ,you stupid man?"
"Because I met you."

"I'm your's" she whispered
"I always was.Even when I was with someone else..I was always yours."

"Don't be afraid" 
"This life is nothing but one blink of God's eyes.He'll blink
again and we'll be back together."


Finally I want to say that I am team Soren!!!No matter how hard I try to not like him because he is a sadist in this book I love him!!!He is perfect for Nora!!

"Søren isn’t nice.But he’s good."..."He’s the best man of earth.”

Wesley matured a lot in this book!!I loved seeing Wesley stand up to Soren!Also I like his scenes with Laila :))
The biggest surprise for me in this book was Grace.Some of her parts made me tear up!

I was extremely happy with the ending,nostalgic that I will miss the Sinners... but then knowing I will see them again real soon...


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