Sometimes It Lasts (Sea Breeze #5) by Abbi Glines Expected publication: August 27th

Friday, August 02, 2013

Teaser #1


“Oh, Cage! I’m so happy for you. This was everything you wanted! You did it!” I slipped my hands in her hair and cradled her head.

“No, Eva. You’re everything I wanted. This is just the insurance that I can provide for you the way you deserve.”

She slipped her arms up my chest and locked her hands behind my neck. “As sweet as that is, I want you to do this for you too. Not for me. This is what you wanted. You’ve wanted it since before I met you. Don’t forget that you’ve been working for this long before I came into your life.”

There were still times that it surprised me that she didn’t get it. The moment she walked into my life nothing remained the same. My reasons for doing things changed. My life had a much bigger meaning. “You’re the center of my world, girl. Don’t forget that.”

Teaser #2


I stood on the porch of my daddy’s house looking out over the familiar land I’d grown up loving. So many memories danced through my head. Once those memories had only been for Josh, my childhood sweetheart, fiancée and now a fallen soldier. He had been my world even after his death. Until Cage York came walking into my life with a swagger and a naughty mouth.
He was nothing like Josh but I’d fallen in love with him anyway. Smiling, I picked up my glass of sweet tea and took a sip. I was waiting on Daddy to get back from his trip to the stockyard. We were going to have lunch together today but his new farm hand had called in sick this morning. I had been almost here when Daddy had called to cancel so I decided to come on and just enjoy the peace and quiet for a while.
“Thought I recognized that Jeep parked out front,” Jeremy’s voice called out from the front yard. I turned my head to see Josh’s twin brother standing underneath the maple tree with his hands in his front pockets smiling at me. I hadn’t seen him since his winter break from college.
I set my glass on the wooden ledge of the porch railing and ran down the steps. Jeremy opened his arms for me to throw myself into. He had been just as much a part of my life growing up as Josh had. The three of us had been inseparable. When Josh had died, Jeremy and I had clung together. We’d made it through by staying close. I just hadn’t realized that Jeremy was ready to move on with his life until Cage came barreling into mine. In a way, Cage had saved both of us.
Jeremy’s arms wrapped around me and picked me up off the ground. “You’re home! I didn’t know you were coming home,” I said squeezing him hard. I’d missed him. Seeing his face was always bittersweet. He looked so much like Josh.
“Semester is over. Time to enjoy my summer break. What’re you doing here?” He asked setting me down on the ground in front of him.
“I came to have lunch with Daddy. He’s gone to the stockyard though. His help called in sick this morning.”
Jeremy waggled his eyebrows teasingly. “Why don’t you have lunch with me instead?”
“I’d love to. I have some chicken salad in the fridge and corn on the cob, black eyed peas and cornbread on the stove keeping them warm. More than enough for just me and Daddy. Come on in and we’ll eat and you can tell me about all the girls’ hearts you’ve broken this year. “
There was a flicker of unease in Jeremy’s eyes that most people wouldn’t have noticed but then most people hadn’t grown up spending everyday of their life with him. I knew him too well. Because I knew him so well I decided to let it go for now. He was protecting something and I was going to let him.
“Your homemade chicken salad?” he asked with a pleased look on his face.
“Hell, yeah,” he replied and bounded for the stairs without waiting on me.
This was nice. Lately I’d been missing home… Daddy… Jeremy… the past. Not because I wasn’t happy with Cage because I was, deliriously so. It was just that I didn’t feel like I could talk to him about home. Cage and Daddy still didn’t speak to each other. When they were together it was awkward. Even though he didn’t mention it, I knew he still worried that he would never measure up to Josh. If I ever mentioned Josh, the look on his face said it all. I just couldn’t be open with Cage about everything.

Teaser #3

The door opened and in she walked as if I’d summoned her with my desperation. Her long dark hair was loose and wind blown curling around her shoulders. The shorts she was wearing had once been a pair of her favorite jeans. She’d cut them off and although she looked f*cking amazing in them she had cut them way too short. The snug fitting shirt she had on she’d bought to wear to my games this past year. It had my number on it.

Dewayne let out a low whistle. “Damn, York, when you decide to f*cking settle down you sure pick some prime choice.”

“Don’t. Finish. That. Thought,” I cut him off before he could completely piss me off. If Dewayne was looking so was every other male in the damn bar. I jumped up and went to get what was mine.

“Go get her,” Preston called out with a hoot of laughter. Stupid shit knew what it felt like to have your girl looked at. He dealt with that about as well as I did. He was just an ass when he wanted to be.

“Hey,” Eva’s eyes lit up when she saw me coming through the crowd to get her.

I didn’t reply. I needed her first. Pulling her against me I licked her bottom lip before I slid my tongue into her mouth hungrily. I’d missed her taste today. She’d been gone too long. Giggling Eva pulled back before I completely forgot where we were and smiled up at me.
“I missed you too,” she said.

Teaser #4


I’d pitched a perfect game. Throwing my keys on the bar in the kitchen I walked over to the fridge to grab a Gatorade. Five green Jarritos sat on the top shelf. I stopped and jerked around to see a very pregnant Low sitting in my living room with her feet propped up smiling at me.

“No Jarritos in your fridge when I got here? Really? What am I supposed to think? That I’m not welcome in your new digs? Because I have the key you sent me,” she said dangling the key I’d mailed her once I’d gotten my shit out of Ace’s apartment and got my own place.

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