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Friday, August 23, 2013


At the beginning I wasn't sure how to rate this book.I had some problems with the reading of this but still I think that is a good story!!

This is a story about Cadence...
She is a student who had a bad moment in her junior year in hight school and she was in juvenile detention for ten mounths.

Now she is back...but without friends..Her parents do not trust her anymore and they have her limited..She feels sad and alone.

Until the moment she met Mark her 28 years old math teacher!!
From the beginning there is an attraction between them..He tries to approach her and he makes whatever he can,in order to make her feelcomfortable and nice...
He wants her to come back to normal and find herself..

"You're the saddest thing I've ever seen Cadence.The loneliest thing I've ever seen.And any chance I get to see you smile,I'm gona take it."

They know that nothing should happened between them..but soon they are together..


Mark is so sweet and cute!You can't read the book and don't like this character!!He cares a lot about Cadence and he showed his feelings from the beginning!


Cadence on the other hand...I din't like her a the beginning she was funny and smartass but sometimes she just acted weird.

The only thing that I didn't find nice was the reference to the Christianism. I am Christian too but I didn't like to read so many details all the time..

The book ends with clifhunger ughhhh...I need the next book soon!!I must learn what will happen!!!

*ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review.*

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