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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

 "You don't trust me," he says, as if it was the most unbelievable thing in the world. 

I scoff. "Your job is to lure people with your charm and promise them things you probably will never be able to give them. You lie, steal, and cheat because it's part of your job description. Should I trust you?" I say with a raised eyebrow. 

He smiles then, a slow wide grin, seductive and mischievous and I get the sense that I've turned him on with my words, which is both disgusting and exciting. He eyes hood as he dips his head toward mine, his lips close to my own, his aqua eyes blazing into mine as he drops his voice. "Probably not, but we both know you will. We both know you'll climb in the seat of my car and give me full control over you, it's written all over your face that you want to. You're just scared, like they are. Scared at the knowledge that you're going to be pulled in to something so much stronger than you and you won’t be able to fight the current.”

My mouth opens slightly and our eyes burn into each other’s as our breaths mingle. In that moment I realize that I'll do anything to fight this, fight him, because he's a cocky bastard and he's so used to getting his way, he doesn't know what it feels like to be told no. 

His smile goes from seductive to daring as I narrow my eyes at him and grit my teeth. "You're disgusting." 

His lip twitches. "What does it feel like to look into a mirror, Brooklyn?"

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