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Sunday, July 21, 2013


OMG I want all of them!!!Can I have them???????It was amazing!!!
Definately Tiffany Reisz became one of my favourite author!!!She manage to make me think Soren not so bad at all!! In this book not only do we have the chance to reconnect with the characters we fell in love in the first book but also we have the chance to get to know them all better!! I love all the characters!!They feel soreal to me!! 

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 Nora is back in her submissive role to Søren... You can just see and feel how much Søren loves her and cares for her.. 
“Jeg elsker dig. Du er mit hjerte.” I love you. You are my heart. "You belong to me...always." Always"


even loved Soren after this book and I NEVER would have guessed that was possible!!!He was the only character that I truly disliked after the first book!But now what can I say about him???He was so freaking sweet and caring.He has offered to give up the priesthood for Nora and be there for her but it wasn’t enough for her and now we know why it wasn’t enough.. Nora is devoted to him and that will never change...


 There is a reporter Sussane who try to expose Søren and his horrific past and fetishes.. To avoid being an even bigger liability,Nora goes into hiding and takes the young Michael with her to Griffin Fiske's estate... So the three have a lovely summer holiday in which Nora undertakes to train Michael...

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 I love both guys!!They are cute!Griffin is such a fun character and Michael is a sweetheart with a beautiful soul and like most teenagers he doesn’t know what to do with the fantasies that plague him... 

"I want to own you" Griffin whispered into Michael's ear. Michael smiled and for the first time in his life knew exactly what to say and how to say it. "You already do"


 Nora misses Søren and secretly misses Wesley..

 We also see a little more of Kingsley.He is very intriguing!I have had a hard time trying to figure out Kingsley.He had a huge secret exposed in this book..But we will learn more for him in the next book! (I can't wait to learn more about him!! :)) ) 

 Nora is still Nora and I love her!She's hilarious and sexy as hell!! 

 This book was just plain amazing!!It's absolutely one of my favourite books!!!

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