Into the hollow

Monday, July 08, 2013


Into the Hollow does not disappoint me!It is simply amazing!

In this book Perry have two choises to move in with Max or to move in with Dex..Max is on her black list right now,for many reasons.So Perry goes with Dex to Seattle..moving into the same apartment that she visited before Christmas.The biggest change is that Jenn is gone..

Their boss at Shownet brings up the possibility of reviving Experiment in Terror..Perry jumps at the chance to return to the show. Although she isn't keen on putting herself in any kind of danger...

There have been sightings of a large beast in the Canadian Rockies who some believe to be Sasquatch.Perry scoffs at the idea that Bigfoot could really exist...This time Jimmy gives her the option of staying behind the camera... 

Dex and Perry are at it again in all the fantastic ways we love.But Dex got a whole lot yummier!!!
I love so much Dex!!It is clear that he changed!Dex would do anything for Perry and really lays his heart out on the line in this book!As for Perry, well I actually found myself getting a little irritated with her in this book sometimes,but still love her :))
I understand that she is still hurting but it is her anger at Dex that is holding her back..Perry has made some bad decisions too and I am glad that Dex calls her on this..

So many love in this book...

LOVE LOVE LOVE *sigh*!!!

"Baby" he said his tone gruff yet solemn "there is nothing you could ever do to make me resent you.You're my light,remember that."

"I was trying to be a better man Perry.For you.".."And I'll keep trying," "Until I get it right."

"If it weren't for those damn rules,we'd already be having dirty sex all over that apartment."

He rolled over, his face now inches from mine.
I moved my head away. "Get away from me, I stink."
"You don't stink. You smell like Perry."
"That's gross."
"Baby, I could drown in your scent."
I looked at him askance and saw the gravity in his hooded eyes. He was totally serious.
"But," he went on, voice low and rough, "if you need to get clean from head to toe, I'm offering my tongue."

This was another exciting and thrilling book in the series.Not as spooky but definitely action-packed and full of tension..

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