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Monday, July 01, 2013

Claim me

Wow Mr Stark didn't disappoint me!He was so sexy and gorgeous!!!

In Claim me Nikki's portrait is about to complete and ready to display... Nikki is the model in the portrait but it's a secret...

Dating the billionaire Damien means lots of media attention.Paparazzi keeps haunting them with their questions...and each question reveals a secret which Damien and Nikki have tried to keep hidden...

I love how we are slowly getting to know Damien's secrets and in this book we get a secret revealed!!
There is so much happening around this couple throughout the story.The painting,the new job,Damien's many enemies and Nikki's mother....

Damien is awesome in this book.He keeps his secret from Nikki as he wants her safe.His fear that she'd leave him once she know what his dirty little secret makes him unable to open up with her..He blames himself for all the media attention on her which constantly push her toward the edge.More and more dirty things from his past is surfacing now making it difficult for him to keep them a secret.....
Nikki dosen't push Damien to confess his darkest secrets..She simply lets him know that he can trust her and she will be there for him always.She tells him that no matter what he tells her it will not change the fact that she needs him and he needs her

"I want to strip you bare and press you up against the glass.I want to trail my fingers over you lightly just enough to make you awaken to my touch...I want to watch my own reflection in your eyes as you come."

"I want to feel you.I want you against me.I want to close that I can't tell where I end and you begin."

"Just one more thing.When I said you could stay?What I meant to say was I love you."

I love the passion that Nikki represents in the story.They make the perfect couple!!In this book I feel that their feeling for each other is more deepened & expressed with more openness!!In this book it's not just about the game....

But it's about desire & passion!!
The sex scenes are seriouslySMOKING HOT!!!
They have a lot sex in this book,like twice a day at least!!!

This is all about Damien and Nikki!Everything affecting their relationship.This is their chance to see if the past can pull them apart or will their love be enough for them to stay together & face the problems... 

My Damien and Nikki

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