Lying Season

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Oh God!!That ending was TORTURE!!! 

and Jenn ugh -.-

In this book Perry and Dex have a project in Seattle to film and they also have the Shownet Christmas party Dex invites her to stay with him and Jenn..

They have to explore a haunted mental institute...

The ghost in this story is the scariest!!Ghosts with issues are bad enough but when you have a past with the ghost (the ghost is Dex ex girlfriend) makes it hard ..

The tension between then is out for everyone to see.The attraction between them is just priceless.It seems like only Dex is an idiot to have overlooked it so long.They obviously are perfect for each other!!
Dex is a mystery to me!But we get to know a lot about him in this book..It is so easy to hate him here..He breaks my heart in this book :/

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