Darkness Before Dawn

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


ARC provided by the author in return for an honest review.

“I’ve loved you for half a lifetime, and I’ll love you for many more beyond this one…”

Darkness Before Dawn in numbers: 3 packets of cigarettes, 3 chocolates (I swear ,2 tissue boxes and tea…a lot of tea!)
I don’t know from where I have to start.So many thoughts and emotions!

The first book left us with a cliffhanger. And the second one is coming to blow our minds!!
All the questions you might have from the first book, are going to find an answer in the second one.Specially for Blake’s family.At some parts,to be honest,it’s kind of confusing.So many names and characters,but very soon everything became clear.

At this book, we are meeting a new character,Dean.This guy is fantastic!!So much charming and kind, that you are in a tricky dilemma between him and Cole.Frankly reminded me the feeling I had while I was reading the Twilling and its sequels, while I was between Jacob and Edward. But even Jacob was so fucking nice, at the end you are always in love with Edward!!

Concerning Cole, this character is literary Mr. Super. The best guy from all the books I ever read – and I read a lot, believe me. He is so charming! So sweet!
My heart just melted when he felt the pain and the lost of Blake and was alone. He loves Blake so much, that he could do anything and everything for her. He is the best ever!!

The end of the book is a really happy end. The best that you can expect! When you finish the book, you have a HUGE smile!!

Darkness Before Dawn is amazing and I didn’t get tired at all. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Claire Contreras. Thank you Claire for giving me the opportunity to read your book before its publication! I really appreciate this!

My Cole and Blake 

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