ARC REVIEW: Mother Before Wife by Melissa Brown

Thursday, January 21, 2016

So many secrets. Nothing but secrets.

I started another life with a new husband, thirteen new sister wives and a new place to call home.
But the secrets weigh on me, on all of us.
And every secret leads back to the Prophet the, self-proclaimed, mouthpiece of God.
The man I’ve worshiped since childhood, the man we obey without question.
And he’s the man who will destroy us all.

I must reveal his secrets. 
Prove his betrayal, his lies and his deceit.
I will not be silenced, no matter how hard he tries.

And I will never give up. Ever.




This story is simply amazing,compelling and captivating! Like the previous book in this series, this one has left me speechless. And that is not something that happens to me often!! Melissa is a talented author and I love her books but this series is my all time favorite. I don't know how to explain it..I have so many feelings! This book is intense and so emotional! Aspen had a different life with her previous husband Lehi. And now everything feels strange for her with her new husband Paul, who is so kind. He makes her question the things she has believed to be right.

"Perhaps that's why you've joined us, Aspen.To find a happy medium...for all of us."

Aspen is one of the most strongest heroines I ever read. She is so different from Brinley . Aspen has been taught from a young age, how to be, to become a perfect girl for her husband and that whatever she does, she does it for her Prophet. Now she is wondering, if her Prophet is the right man to believe in him. I loved her so much, she’s independent and she isn't afraid to voice her opinion. But what I loved the most about her, is her love for her children and the fact that she will do whatever is needed it to keep them safe.

There isn't a lot of romance in this story but I didn't have a problem at all!! The story is so captivating and so much is happening, that it doesn't leave you with the need for romance!Also there are some other POVS that help the story and make it more interesting. Everyone should read this series! The story and general the concept is so unique, you definitely haven't read anything like it. I highly recommend it !!

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